About our Company

About Us

aboutWe specialize in Design, Installation and Maintenance of Industrial Electronics/Electrical Systems and products and accessories. These include UPS, Solar Electric Systems, Solar Water Heating Systems, Power Back-Up Systems and Power Controls.

Most of our products have guarantees and extensive warranty i.e. solar panels have a guarantee of 20-25 years, power controls 5 years warranty, inverters 1-2 year, charge controllers 5 years warranty and batteries have a warranty of 1 year.

In our after sales and repair service, we accept all above related products for repair or service irrespective of where they were originally purchased. This is because of our understanding of the gaps found in after sales service. We are confident of our ability to offer the most competitive prices on best quality products and services.



Clean Power Kenya Ltd is a company that strives to provide clean power solutions custom made to fit clients needs and expectations...


Your expectations! Our determination!


We like to present our strength as the expertise we have in the industry. Our team has experience in the Electrical, Solar and Electronics field this is backed by the number of successful installations we have done within and outside the country.

We are also highly customer oriented thus most of our efforts are geared towards customer satisfaction.

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